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7th May 2017

Re-branding The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership

The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership has recently been rebranded, with a shorter name, new logo and modern website, all launched on Friday 4th of August 2017 to celebrate the beginning of Wash Week 2017.

It was agreed by vote through the Full Management Board and discussion with the Advisory Groups that a rebrand was a necessary step to bring the visual and communications identity of the organisation into the 21st century. The previous name ‘The Wash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site Management Scheme Project’ was quite long and unwieldy. The logo although loved by many had become out-dated with time and with rapid advances in internet technology the website needed a revamp.

An extensive stakeholder engagement process was undertaken to ensure that the new identity reflected the views and requirements of the Marine Partnership members as well as the emotive and personal connection that local people have with The Wash and North Norfolk coast.

A survey was sent out to all Advisory Group members and the Full Management Board to try and understand how people use and connect to The Wash and North Norfolk coast. One-to-one interviews were held with 12 members of the Advisory Groups and Management Board and finally a workshop was organised to bring people together to decide on the new name, strapline and logo brief for the new identity.

A staggering 80 Marine Partnership members cast their vote, over half of the total group and decided on the name ‘The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership’ and strapline ‘Protecting Nature and Culture’. Can you see any letters in the logo?

As you can already see, the new website is also up and running and will grow and evolve with time.

An enormous thank you goes out to our friends at Natural England who financially resourced the new identity and to Bobby Burrage at The Click in Norwich for his hard work and patience in producing the new brand.


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