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North Norfolk Advisory Group

The Marine Partnership supports three geographically distinct Advisory Groups. At Advisory Group meetings, Relevant Authority representatives, local people, sea-users, businesses and conservation groups share knowledge and experience to support the conservation and sustainable use of the Marine Protected Area network, and work to ensure management measures are appropriate and locally supported.

The North Norfolk Advisory Group covers the area from Hunstanton in the west to Weybourne in the east. The area comprises an almost continuous coastal margin of saltmarsh, sand dunes and fresh water marshes bordering the sea. Along this coastline there are many creeks, channels and harbours, many of which connect to attractive villages and a couple of small towns. The area is internationally recognised for its diverse wildlife and unspoilt wildness but has in recent years become an extremely desirable place to live, have holidays and even buy a second home.

A Spoonbill at Holkham. Chris Knights

The North Norfolk coast still has a thriving local community who live and work locally as they have for generations. Many of them still are closely connected to the ‘Longshore Economy’, and they make their living either entirely or partly from the sea and marshes. These traditional activities include fishing, cockling, wildfowling, bait digging and reed cutting have been part of their life and heritage for generations. Other traditional sources of employment such as farming, large fishing industry, maltings, port and railways are either gone or greatly reduced.

These days, tourism and wind energy are now the major industries within the area, bringing enormous benefits but also some problems. One of these is disturbance and damage caused by sheer numbers of people, dogs, cars and some of the recreational activities. Small roads and limited parking also presents challenges. The role of the North Norfolk Advisory Group is to try and maintain a balance between on the one hand, the diverse and spectacular wildlife in this beautiful area and on the other hand, the pressures of people, development and recreational activities that can, if not managed, have a very detrimental effect.

Kevin Thatcher – North Norfolk Advisory Group Chairman


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