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Friskney Sea Lane and saltmarsh access, Lincolnshire

Unrestricted access to The Wash frontage via Friskney Sea Lane to a Defence Infrastructure Organisation owned track-way has led to several issues. Health and safety are of significant concern as the area of saltmarsh is a closed military bombing range with potential unexploded ordnance, which the DIO have a legal duty to mitigate. Additionally, access has led to multiple fly tipping incidences and anti-social behaviour with significant cost to land owners. Vehicle use of the marsh, which is not legally permitted has also resulted in disturbances to protected features within The Wash nature reserve.

A range of organisations and individuals that have a legal duty or stake in ensuring these problems are resolved were brought together to jointly agree solutions.

Participating organisations include:

  • The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership
  • Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • Local land owners
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
  • Natural England
  • Witham Fourth Internal Drainage Board
  • Skegness and Wainfleet District Wildfowlers
  • East Lindsey District Council

It is not the intention of the group to completely restrict access to the area. It was agreed that something needed to be done to deal with these issues. After an extensive options analysis (available on request), a series of actions have been agreed.

  • The helipad has been left open as a turning circle, but access to the two adjacent trackways leading out to open marsh is restricted. Multiple two tonne concrete blocks have been installed by the Defense Infrastructure Organisation



  • A gate has been installed to limit vehicle access to Friskney Sea Lane. Access rights will be controlled by Roughton Farms. Skegness and Wainfleet District Wildfowlers paid for and built the gate


  • The gate will be locked at night and at the convenience of farm access will be limited during the day


  • Pedestrian access has been ensured adjacent to the new gate


  • A new sign has been installed notifying the public of the changes to access on Friskney Sea Lane


Cover image – Robert Enderby

Top image – Louise Denning

Bottom image – Tim Bee


If you have any questions, please contact The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership using the contact details below.

The Wash and North Norfolk Marine Partnership
6 North Lynn Business Village
Bergen Way
King’s Lynn
Norfolk PE30 2JG
Telephone: 01553 772020

Local Designations

Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Promoting an understanding and appreciation of Norfolk's natural beauty and the importance of local sustainable development. Image credit, C. Knights More

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Gibraltar Point, The Wash, Titchwell, Holme , Holkham, Cley and Blakeney coasts have all been designated NNR's to protect their habitats, species and geology. More

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